A sweet little girl fought for her life after accidentally setting herself on fire — now she’s looking to her favorite Disney princess for strength as she recovers from serious burns.

Lillie’s mom Amanda Robinson, 39, told Caters News, that the day before Thanksgiving, she was out running errands when she got a call from her brother saying her daughter was playing with a Zippo lighter and lit her dress on fire.

Somehow she had gotten hold of the lighter from the counter and suddenly her family saw her running down the stairs engulfed in flames.

Lillie’s GoFundMe

Lillie was rushed to the hospital and put into a medically induced coma as doctors fought to keep her alive. After eight surgeries, she survived the ordeal with third and fourth-degree burns covering nearly 70 percent of her body.

Her mother says the young girl has a tough road ahead, but her blonde Elsa wig and favorite song from Disney’s “Frozen,” is helping her fight through the pain.

Lillie’s GoFundMe

Robinson explained to Caters that Lillie sings “Let It Go” while wearing an Elsa wig during her occupational therapy. She said:

“It’s been overwhelming but she’s still my little baby, even though she is in pain whenever she tries to stand up being able to see her sing is wonderful.

During this, she pretends to be Princess Elsa singing ‘Let It Go’ from the film Frozen, which makes it more fun for her and stops her from hurting as much.”

Watch the touching video below:

After the incident, her parents warned others about the dangers of Zippos and lighters.

Robinson didn’t think the 5-year-old would be able to strike a flame so easily. She explained:

“I didn’t think she would reach up and grab it, I never thought that at all. But for her then to able to strike it is wrong and it shouldn’t be that easy.”

According to Nationwide Children’s Hospital, every year at least 20,000 fires are caused by children playing around.

For fire prevention, adults are advised to keep matches, lighters, and candles locked-up and safely out of the sight of young kids.

Lillie’s GoFundMe

Lillie is scheduled to be released from the hospital on January 15. For updates on her progress visit her GoFundMe page.

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5 Replies to “Five-Year-Old Survives After Accidentally Setting Herself on Fire. She Recovers by Becoming Princess Elsa”

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    God Bless Her and Her Family.May she have a speedy Full Recovery

  • MK 2 years ago

    Her mom didn’t “think” she could strike a flame so easily? Don’t blame it on Zippo lighters! Why would you put a lighter within reach of a child??? Not only was she not “thinking”, she has no common sense! This was a huge wake up call for this family at this poor child’s expense! So terribly sad.

  • lyn568 2 years ago

    I agree with MK. It is not Zippo’s fault at all, it’s the dingbat parents, who leave lighters around so a child can reach them. People have NO common sense anymore and it’s always the innocent’s who pay the price.

  • JW 2 years ago

    Slamming the parents are gonna make it all better, it was an accident, let’s shame them to make them feel more terrible than they already do. SMH

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    I don’t think she was blaming the zippo lighter. She was just saying she didn’t think a five year old could strike it. Praying for the little girl and her family. May God be with y’all durning this difficult time.

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