Diana Krause had no idea her 20-year-old daughter, Kaitlyn, was sick, and neither did Kaitlyn.

As Krause explained to Dearly, it was December 9, 2018, Kaitlyn was driving to meet her family at a Christmas tree farm fairly close to her college, The College of New Jersey.

Krause said they made the decision to go to a tree farm near Kaitlyn just two nights prior so that she didn’t have to drive an hour and a half out of her way.

Diana Krause

It was the first miracle out of several that “God had performed,” according to Krause.

While driving down a busy road, Kaitlyn called her mom to ask if she had any Advil after she suddenly came down with a severe headache. Migraines are something she, her mom, and brother all struggle with.

But eventually, the headache became so severe that Kaitlyn had to pull her car over, she could no longer drive.

Krause told Dearly that’s when the second and third miracle occurred:

“We kept driving to meet her. Shortly after that call I received another phone call from her phone but a woman was calling me. She was with my daughter who was very ill. The couple that stopped for her stayed with her until we could get to her. When we got to our daughter, she was vomiting, had no balance, and her mouth was drooping.”

Krause would later come to find that the two Good Samaritans who stopped weren’t supposed to be traveling in that direction that day. Due to their heater breaking and their home becoming too cold, they made the decision to travel to a relative’s home until it was fixed.

The fourth miracle was the fact that Kaitlyn and her mom had previously synced their phones so that Krause knew her daughter’s location at all times. It would have taken them a lot longer to find Kaitlyn had that not been the case.

Diana Krause

The college student was quickly rushed to a nearby hospital where it was revealed she was experiencing a brain hemorrhage.

The following day, a fifth miracle occurred when the 20-year-old was diagnosed with a rare brain disease called Moyamoya.

Krause explained to Dearly:

“The hospital where she was treated had a cerebrovascular neurosurgeon who was able to diagnose her properly. Many Moyamoya patients are misdiagnosed for years and after having several strokes because a lot of doctors don’t know what Moyamoya is.”

Only 1 in a million people have been diagnosed with Moyamoya. According to Mayo Clinic, it is a “rare, progressive blood vessel (vascular) disorder in which the carotid artery in the skull becomes blocked or narrowed, reducing blood flow to your brain. Tiny blood vessels then open up at the base of the brain in an attempt to supply the brain with blood.”

“Our daughter was blessed she did not suffer any deficits from her stroke and was properly diagnosed by the neurovascular surgeon at Capital Health Regional Medical Center in Trenton, NJ. […] According to her doctors, she has been suffering from Moyamoya for a very long time.”

Other than suffering from migraines, looking back, nothing prepared Kaitlyn and her family for what she has endured and will endure.

Following her diagnosis, Krause says her daughter is “doing well.” She has since been able to return to college but will be leaving school soon as she prepares for a bilateral bypass brain surgery on March 6th at Boston Children’s Hospital.

Kaitlyn has also been able to meet the “guardian angels” who stayed with her on the side of the road that December say until her family arrived.

Diana Krause

Krause told Dearly that they were able to locate Chris and Jenn after she had posted about them on multiple local Facebook pages:

“Jenn’s stepmother, who was down in Florida, saw the post and called Jenn.  She said to Jenn, ‘I know you’re going to think I’m crazy but did you by any chance help a young girl who was really sick and did you pull over to help her?’ Jenn said that yes she and Chris had helped a young girl. Jenn’s mother said, ‘Well you’ll never going to believe this but her mother is crazy looking for you.'”

Kaitlyn was able to finally set up a meeting with her angels after being discharged from the Neuro ICU, 12 days later.

On January 13, they all “met for lunch and it was a tearful and joyous reunion”:

“Chris retold how he found Kaitlyn and they were just grateful that God placed them at the right place, at the right time.”

Krause says she is so “grateful to everyone” who has been praying for Kaitlyn, including the kindergarten students at St. Veronica’s School.

Diana Krause

And she hopes that people will continue to do so as she endures the bilateral bypass on March 6.

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2 Replies to “Mom Says Several Miracles Helped Daughter Survive the Brain Hemorrhage She Suffered on Side of the Road”

  • Aginahhair 2 years ago

    This story sounds almost exactly as what I experienced at 59 years old on February 28, 2010. Every year on February 28th, I usually repost my story. This year I’ll share Kaitlyns story, bringing awareness to this young woman.

  • Gertrude Cannady 2 years ago

    May God Bless everyone who have and experiences Moyamoya! My sincere Sister Aginah Shabazz awaken me about Moyamoya. I can relate to being sick. I’m a 3yr Cancer Survivor. My Heartfelt Blessings to all the Strong people experience’s Moyamoya. God Bless! Atiyyah ✨

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