A Wisconsin dad was outraged when he ordered his 4-year-old a McDonald’s Happy Meal but instead of finding a new toy, his son found a razor knife.

Scot Dymond is now warning other families to check their children’s food just in case an “unhappy surprise” is hidden in their meal.

Dymond told WMTV that he and his son Emmett went through the drive-thru on Sunday to get a Happy Meal. Once they returned home, however, Dymond discovered his son’s “toy” was actually a sharp cutting tool. He explained:

“He came running out, happy to have a toy. I happened to see what it was and I grabbed it from him.”

The dad told Channel 3000:

“He was super excited he had a new toy. He started waving it around, and I realized it was actually a razor knife.”

Dymond immediately called the McDonald’s to report the dangerous object.

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He recalled to WMTV:

“I was angry. I was upset. The manager said they were sorry and they could comp us a free meal. I don’t want a meal. I want my kid to be safe and everyone else’s kids to be safe.

He added:

“I couldn’t imagine him cutting his arm open, or even losing a finger, because it’s so sharp.”

Displeased with the restaurant’s response, the father took things a step further and reported the incident to police.

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Columbus Police Department Chief Dennis Weiner doesn’t believe anyone wanted to harm the 4-year-old and called the incident a “fluke.”

But he warned others to remain vigilant about checking items that are given to children. Weiner explained:

“(It’s) kinda scary, kinda scary. I understand the blade was also extended when it was found in the box as well. I’m sure they were surprised to not have a toy.”

Dymond, however, is calling for heightened safety precautions at fast-food chains. He said:
“McDonald’s is off our list, probably permanently.

I’m hoping corporate and the owner take corrective actions immediately. Retrain their staff and have some kind of safety check in place that every meal is checked, all tools are put in proper spots. There’s no reason for a dangerous tool to be lying next to a food item.”

Weiner believes the tool may have fallen into the open Happy Meal box while an employee was preparing food.

Channel 3000 reached out to the restaurant for comment. Dion Conn, the McDonald’s owner and operator, said:

“The safety and security of our customers is a top priority.”

He’s working with local authorities and the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protections to investigate the incident.

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5 Replies to “Dad Is Outraged After Learning the Toy His Son Received in His McDonald’s Happy Meal Was Actually a Razor Knife”

  • Lance Merlin 2 years ago

    Offered to comp them a free meal? You have got to be kidding. The father should sue the hell out of the owner of that McDonald’s just on general principal.

  • Lance Merlin 2 years ago

    Oops. *principle*

  • Grandma Ida 2 years ago

    Holy cow! Delighted the police were called. There are sick people who will stoop to any level to possibly cause harm! Mom and Dad … check those Happy Meals BEFORE allowing your child/children to even open the Happy Meal box. Offering to comp a meal … by far isn’t enough! Never returning there is a big option! Hopefully the investigation is successful. Wonderful the child didn’t get injured. Good luck, and be well!

  • Brandy L Aadnes 2 years ago

    Mistakes happen and this was a big one but why was the dad not with the kid when he was eating his meal? Just check the box and then move on. It isn’t something to sue over! Ugh

    • Barbj 2 years ago

      You’ve got to be kidding! And you’re blaming the parent? Do you even have children??? It’s called standing up for your rights and fighting against injustice.

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