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Abigail Alvarado was adopted by Laura and Eusebio Castillo in 1998. She was eight years old.

According to the Houston Chronicle, Alvarado’s mother was an alcoholic and was addicted to drugs. As a result, Child Protective Services stepped in and removed Alvarado, her sister, and her brother from the home.

In order to keep the children in the family, her older sister reached out to her uncle, Eusebio. She asked if he could take care of the children.

Eusebio and wife Laura agreed, and the children moved into their home. It appeared to be the start of a new life for the family.

But soon after moving into the new home, Eusebio started sleeping in Alvarado’s bed. He then started molesting the young girl, with it progressing to sexual assault.

Alvarado told the Chronicle that she tried to tell her sister about the abuse, but her sister didn’t want to believe her.

When Alvarado turned 15 years old, she was told that she must have Eusebio’s children.

Alvarado remembered being told:

“You’re going to have this baby. There’s no saying no.”

She had her first baby two years later; two more children were to follow. All three of the children grew up thinking that Eusebio and Laura were their parents.

According to Fox San Antonio, the Castillo family had a church in the back of their house. The Chronicle reports:

Every Sunday, hundreds of believers would flock to St. Peregrine Chapel, a little shed in the back of the Castillos’ home, to visit an 8-year-old girl they claimed as their daughter. The child was said to be capable of curing cancer.

The girl, who was believed to be Eusebio and Laura’s daughter, started growing a following on social media.

The child was actually Alvarado’s, but she was threatened not to say anything or they would kill or injure her children.

According to court documents, recorded by Fox San Antonio, Alvarado was too scared to report her adopted parents:

(Castillo) threatened to kill their children if she told anyone about what was going on and stated he had poured gasoline around their house and on himself on multiple occasions telling her he was going to set fire to the house and burn himself if she told anyone.

It was difficult for Alvarado to watch her children grow up and to be recognized as a sister. People would often comment that the children looked like they were Alvarado’s instead of Laura’s.

When Laura became seriously ill in 2014, Eusebio said he would be with Alvarado when his wife died. Alvarado refused to spend the rest of her life in his control.

She went to the police and told them about the abuse over the years. But after the investigation began, Eusebio and Laura sold the house and disappeared.

They were finally caught by San Juan Police Department in early 2017 after Eusebio posted a GoFundMe page to raise money for Laura’s medical expenses. Alvarado saw the page and called the police.

San Juan police officers were able to secure DNA samples from Eusebio and proved that the three children were his and Alvarado’s.

Eusebio and Laura were arrested on February 22.

Bexer County Jail

According to, Eusebio has been charged with sexual assault and prohibited sexual contact. He’s being held in Bexar County Jail. They are scheduled to appear in court on August 7.

Statistics collected by RAINN show that one out of every six American women has been assaulted during their lifetime. Many of those victims are between the ages of 12 and 17.

As Alvarado is preparing to face her abusers in court, she told the Chronicle that she hopes more people will keep an eye out for sexual assault victims and speak up if they see something that looks wrong.

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