Girl names. Boy names. Gender-neutral names. Our friends at Mamas Uncut find them all and put them together in expertly-curated lists. They share baby name origins and meanings, too, which means if you’re looking for a baby name, they have everything you need to find the right one. Check out a few of our recent favorite baby name choices below, and then read the full list to see more.


25 Middle Names That Go With Evelyn

Shay or Shea are both wonderful ways to spell this chill middle name. Shay feels both classic and contemporary. When paired with Evelyn, it gives the name a singsongy quality. The name has Irish origins and means “dauntless one.” Evelyn Shae slays all day!


25 Middle Names That Go With Evelyn

Oh, the versatility of the name Anne! Anne is a shortened form of Hannah which has Hebrew origins and means “grace.” A truly beautiful name. Evelyn Anne sounds like a winner packed with vintage character!


25 Middle Names That Go With Evelyn

Winner! Winner! Rain is a beautiful nature-inspired name, it was also used as a nickname for Regina (which means “queen”) in Roman times. Evelyn Rain is such a poetic name and we absolutely love this recommendation. Also, people suggested the alternative spelling Reign which is something to consider.

See the rest of the top trending baby names from this list at Mamas Uncut for dozens of more names just like these. If these don’t strike your fancy, there is sure to be another list (or a hundred) that will suit your style. We hope you find the perfect baby name!

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