Note: This article contains coarse language that may offend or disturb some readers.

A party goer noticed a design flaw in a 2-year-old’s birthday cake and pointed it out on Reddit. 

The anonymous user posted a picture from her friend’s child’s birthday party. 

randyfloyd37/ Reddit

At first sight the cake decore looks completely innocent. 

But as you turn the cake around — there’s something peculiar about the cake topper. 


Unfortunately, the cake designer may have accidentally sent the wrong message.

Some Reddit users jumped online to jokingly point out the obscenity’s “accurate” description of a toddler. 

MissGrafin, was the first to notice the topper and wrote:

Ever dealt with a two year old? Then you’ll know how accurate this can be…

One by one parents, educators, and childcare providers piled on to the cake joke: 

Having been around my share of two-year-olds, that is the most accurate cake-topper ever invented.

As a parent, I’ll say that it should be the gold standard for cakes.

They knew exactly what they were doing.

They don’t call it the terrible 2’s for nothing!

Who would ever think about what “t-w-o” looks like backwards? 

Ari Brown, pediatrician and author of Toddler 411 took time to explain the “terrible two” phase, and why toddlers get such a bad reputation.

Brown told The Bump:

“This phase lasts from age one to about 4, which is why parents may see terrible twos behavior at different points in toddlerhood.”

According to Parents, during this time a child may seem defiant and “no!” or “why?” may seem to dominate their vocabulary.

However, according to experts, this is perfectly normal behavior for a child developing independence and “learning how to express frustration.”

The best way to cope is by establishing boundaries and being patient with children during this precarious phase. 

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