On Friday evening, a 19-year-old college student was discovered dead in Boulder, Colorado, where he attended university.

By Saturday morning, press from all over the country were covering his death; not just because the loss of such a young life is always a tragedy, but because of his father.

Eric Bolling, a popular former host of Fox News, had just been let go from the network after some serious allegations.

But over the weekend, Bolling’s attention was devastatingly turned to the news of his son, and on Saturday afternoon he confirmed the reports himself in a tweet he lovingly referred to his son as “Eric Chase”:

Eric was his only son with wife Adrienne.

As for how he died, Bolling was clear that an autopsy has not yet been performed and, so far, there has been “no sign” of self-harm:

TMZ reported that the 19-year-old passed away from a drug overdose and that “he was having a hard time dealing with the trouble his dad was having at the network.”

His death came just hours after Bolling was released from Fox News after allegations of harassing colleagues.

According to TMZ, Eric Chase was “extremely embarrassed by the stories and was ’emotionally upset,'” however it should be noted that, at this point, that is still speculative.

One thing is certain, though: No parent should have to mourn the death of their own child. People from all over have reached out to the Bolling family and extend their deepest condolences:

But no words can soften the blow of losing a child. Just one look at Bolling’s social media and anyone can see how much love was there:

As of Sunday afternoon, Eric Chase’s cause of death is still undetermined, but his loss has impacted an entire community of people who, despite any accusations, political affiliation, or otherwise, recognize Bolling’s unconditional love for his son.

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