British actress Millie Bobby Brown, 14, shot to fame at a young age thanks to her starring role as the supernatural preteen, Eleven, on Netflix’s “Stranger Things.”

Now some of her fans think stardom may be pushing the young actress to grow up too quickly.

Over the weekend, Brown posted a photo to her Instagram that left some concerned. In the controversial post, the young teen wore a tight-fitting midi dress and heels.

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The teen’s photo with quickly flooded with comments by fans that they thought she was dressed too maturely and should “act her age,” People reports.

One commenter wrote:

Don’t be in such a hurry to grow – enjoy being a kid cause it doesn’t last long.

Another said:

14 is way too young to be dressing like that. Enjoy being a young teenager without all the provocative clothing. It’s just putting a bad image out there for every young person to see and think it’s ok to dress and be like that

The actress later posted to her Instagram story to defend herself.

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The 14-year-old wrote on her Instagram story that she’d seen the comments on her recent photo and didn’t appreciate the sentiment. Brown said:

ik everyone on my last pic wants me to ‘act my age’ but quite frankly its my instagram and if I choose to post that picture and you don’t like it… scroll past it.

Many fans have since commented on the photo in defense of the teen, stating that she should be able to wear what she wants.

Brown also posted an inspirational quote that read:

If we could spread love as quickly as we spread hate and negativity, what an amazing world we would live in.

Do you think the dress is appropriate for a 14-year-old to wear? Let us know in the comments.

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