Marisa Harris was driving down a Virginia road with her boyfriend when, out of nowhere, her car suddenly came to an abrupt stop.

A 12-year-old boy’s body came crashing down from an overpass above her, according to WJLA. The 22-year-old woman would have had no warning before he smashed into her car, according to a family member.

The boy had allegedly jumped off the I-66 overpass in a suicide attempt. He landed on Harris’s Ford Escape, killing Harris and causing life-threatening injuries to himself.

Harris’s boyfriend, who was sitting in the passenger seat, was able to steer the car to safety and escape unharmed.

The woman’s father described his daughter as a smart and caring woman.

But he hinted that there was a chilling twist to his daughter’s death— she wanted to help troubled kids, much like the one who jumped off the bridge in an attempt to end his own life.

Harris’s mother told News4 that her daughter, a graduate student at Marymount University, was studying clinical counseling and could have helped the 12-year-old boy had she been given the chance.

Lauren Hummell, who works in a mental health facility, and is familiar with the overpass, told WJLA:

“That’s terrible, especially that a 12-year-old would do something like that. The fact that someone so young would do that, you know, heartbreaking.”

Hummell also argued that additional safety precautions need to be added to bridges to stop similar incidents from occurring:

“I think just in general bridges need to have higher guardrails because that’s where a lot of seriously depressed individuals will go to try to hurt themselves.”

Police are investigating the tragedy as an attempted suicide.

See the bridge the boy jumped off in the video, below:

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