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12-Year-Old Girl Shot Five at Her Middle School. A Witness Said She Thought It Was a Toy Gun

A 12-year-old girl faces two felony counts after opening fire in her Los Angeles-area middle school, injuring four students and a teacher.

According to CNN the girl, whose name was not released to the public since she’s a minor, fired the gun at Sal Castro Middle School on Thursday morning in an elective class with students from different grades.

She shot multiple students, including a 15-year-old boy in the temple.


But he should be fine. Dr. Aaron Strumwasser explained at a news conference that where the bullet struck the boy allowed him to live:

“This child was extremely lucky. The trajectory of the bullet did not hit any vital structures that were an immediate threat to life. … I anticipate that he will make a full recovery.”

A 15-year-old girl was shot in the wrist but is also expected to fully recover. An 11-year old, 12-year-old, and 30-year-old woman each received minor injuries caused by glass and shrapnel.

KABC reported that the Los Angeles Police Department did not know what led to the attack but said that it seemed to be unintentional. A seventh grade student, Benjamin Urbina, was present when the shots were fired, said that he thought the girl “didn’t mean to” fire the gun.

Urbina said:

“It was an accident because they thought it was a toy gun, but then it shot.”

While the girl’s grandmother admitted that the preteen didn’t have a lot of friends and experienced bullying at school, she also said her granddaughter is a “loving and caring” child.

The girl now faces charges of being a minor in possession of a firearm and bringing a weapon on school grounds. According to KABC, she is being held at a juvenile hall for negligent discharge of a firearm without bail. She is set to be arraigned on Monday.

This shooting is the third to occur within weeks of a shooting at high schools in Texas and Kentucky, as Dearly and IJR, respectively, previously reported.

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  1. After the first shot, the sound and recoil should be a clear indicator this is not a toy gun, to shoot it more, the though is the issue in question, and the teacher needs to have zero tollerence for guns on campus toy or real.

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