A preteen in Deltona, Florida, is accused of walking off with her neighbor’s pup, and faces grand theft charges.

Danielle Kruid told 4029 TV she let her dog, Reba, out in the front yard to use the bathroom, since the yard is protected by an invisible fence.

But when Kruid was ready to let her dog back inside, she had vanished. The woman told the station:

“I went outside, I hollered for her. She was nowhere to be found. The minute I realized I couldn’t see, I knew she was taken.”

Kruid said she immediately checked her security camera and her door-cam caught a lady on her property petting her dog.

Danielle Kandalec Kruid Facebook

The woman posted the video to Facebook in an attempt to catch the suspect.

My dog is missing. Anyone know this lady

Posted by Danielle Kandalec Kruid on Tuesday, October 2, 2018

She wrote:

My dog is missing. Anyone know this lady?

One of Kruid’s followers responded back:

Maybe she was trying to return your dog? Hopeful you are reunited soon.

However, the woman had her suspicions that someone had actually stolen her dog and got the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office involved. Kruid said:

“That really led to other people getting involved, calling us. We had a neighbor that had more cameras that actually ended up identifying the little girl. The outfits matched up.”

A neighbor’s surveillance camera caught an 11-year-old removing Reba’s collar and putting her on a new leash. Kruid told Inside Edition:

“She had treats, she was kind of feeding her and bending down and petting her.

Reba then thought, ‘Oh I’m going for a walk’ and walked right off with her.”

She added:

“My kids cried. My husband even cried.

They were in tears when they were over here and they saw the video of her walking the dog down the street.”

Police officers quickly tracked the girl down and returned Reba back to her owners.


Cops said the little girl will be charged as a minor.

“Never was it my intent to hurt the little girl.

I don’t want to see her do jail time. She needs to know at 11 years old this is the consequence.”

According to police, she took the dog because she loves animals.

Watch video below:

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