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After a pre-teen’s use of the Tinder app led to a horrible crime, authorities are warning parents that it’s possible for children to hide forbidden apps on their smartphone.

As Fox 19 News reports, it began with a false Tinder profile. An 11-year-old girl from Dearborn County, Indiana met 21-year-old Travis McAdams through the popular dating app. At the time, she was pretending to be somewhat older.

Prosecuting Attorney Lynn Deddens told Fox 19:

“It’s my understanding the 11-year-old had portrayed herself as a 16-year-old on the Tinder app and once they had met through Tinder they began to chat through SnapChat.”

In late December 2017 or early January 2018, McAdams and the young girl met up at a local movie theater. It was then that McAdams reportedly assaulted her.

According to the girl’s statement to detectives, she went away to use the bathroom, but McAdams followed her. When she left the restroom, she says McAdams grabbed her around the neck, covered her mouth, and took her behind the movie theater, where he raped her.

The girl continued to see McAdams after the alleged rape. Det. Sgt. Kendle Davis told Fox 19 that McAdams was then aware of the girl’s true age, but continued to set up dates — something the girl reportedly agreed to out of fear:

“She advised me that she was scared of McAdams and that’s why she continued to see him a couple of other occasions after this because she was afraid of what he might do to her.”

It wasn’t until March that the girl’s mother finally learned what had happened and reported the rape to police. Meanwhile, McAdams attempted to persuade the mom not to file charges. Davis told Fox 19:

“The mother did relay to us that she confronted the subject via phone because he contacted her and he didn’t want her to file charges and was attempting to talk her out of it.”

After a delay caused the effort to obtain search warrants, McAdams was finally arrested on December 14 and charged with felony rape and child molesting. He is currently being held on a $200,000 cash bond and $500,000 surety bond.

Since his arrest, more women have come forward with similar accusations against McAdams.

Some may wonder how the young girl could have been using Tinder and SnapChat without her mother’s knowledge, but there are ways to hide forbidden apps or profiles from adult eyes.

Davis warns parents that it’s important to be vigilant and know who your children are communicating with. That can be especially challenging on smartphones, which make it possible to camouflage apps like Tinder with innocuous-looking icons like a clock.

Davis told Fox 19 that parents should be on the lookout for hidden apps:

“Watch their social media accounts. There are apps out there now to look different. If you look on a child’s app and it shows a clock it’s actually a hidden file where kids can hide SnapChat accounts or Tinder accounts and other similar accounts, so their parents might not even be aware they have it.”

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10 Replies to “Mom Learns Her 11-Year-Old Daughter Was Raped by Man She Met on Tinder. He Asked Her Not to Go to Police”

  • Jen 10 months ago

    The girl is 11 but has a smart phone and obviously wasn’t mature or responsible enough to have one. Why is she at the movie theater alone with a man. I’ve droped my daughter off at the theaters but always see her meet w her friends and usually speak with the parents first. At 11 I always made sure an adult attended. Not trying to victim blame here at all but as a parent you need to be responsible and try to prevent things. Have your daughters passwords to her phone, no she doesn’t need privacy at 11, and know who and where she is at all times. How did she come home when she was raped and just played it off, where were the parents that night? Most people have to seek medical attention after that, especially a child. Yes, I think this man is an evil POS and should rot but unfortunately he’s one of many out there, protect your children as much as you can from them. Be a parent not a friend.

    • Anonymous 10 months ago

      agree completely with Jen

    • MB 10 months ago

      You are victim blaming. STOP. The only one responsible for the rape is the RAPIST.

    • William conley 8 months ago

      The victim needs some blame she was clearly making incredible stupid choices got on a app made entirely for sex hook ups which I’m sure she was aware of after seeing a single profile. The mother thought it was a wise choice to let her 11 year old daughter go to the movies by herself and not even walk her in and check who’s she’s with or what’s she is watching nothing. She didn’t think to block certain apps on her daughter’s phone or block the ability to download and install apps entirely. Basically she strapped raw steaks to her daughter and threw her in the Lions den so yes she deserves some blame also because her piss poor parenting lead directly to this incident sure she didn’t commit the act but she built the road that lead to it. Even at 11 thanks to my parents and my intelligence I knew better than to meet strangers alone or not in a very public place and girls have it twice as bad when it comes to having to be cautious.

  • Deb 10 months ago

    I never went to the movies at 11 without a parent — I realize times have changed but 11 is pretty young to be out alone — when my son was 11 I took him and his friends to the movies and sat in a different row….I am not blaming the 11 year old …. in today’s world parents have to be ever vigilant…

    • MB 10 months ago

      The only person responsible for raping an 11 year is is the RAPIST. I went to the movies at age 11 with friends. I’m sure that’s what she told her mom. Stop blaming anyone but the rapist.

      • Skull 6 months ago

        If you think about it it’s not only the rape to be blamed rather how the person let her self out as bait for predators. In conflict the only way to progress is for one side to stop beating the dead horse and realize certain factors that cannot be assimilated. Yes, the principal is that you should be able to do as you please without your safety being at risk but the rationale is that you can’t change these evil people and the only thing left to do is to double down on safety measures. Most offenders don’t listen to reason and have a lack of sympathy.

  • Melanie 10 months ago

    Rape is a violent crime and this man is clearly a predator. He preys on young girls. Infants, children, and adults are not culpable when they are raped.Predators wear a mask of deception meaning by often being someone respected in the community or in their job such as teacher, coach, religious leader, professional medical caregiver. They begin by grooming the child. They isolate their victim having alone time with the child. They become their best friend. The predator becomes the most important person in the victim’s life superseding even the parents. Texting and Facebooking is used to groom. Be so vigilant parents and take note when an adult wants to spend time with your child and watch all social media that your child is using.
    Very saddened that this innocent child was raped. Glad that the mother reported it. You would be shocked to find a lot do not report especially when family members are the perpetrators.

  • Maggie Miller 7 months ago

    It’s not “victim blaming” to point out the mother (and father ?) we’re not performing as parents.

    You want your child to have a cell phone, you have the passwords & you monitor it. A cell phone, a smartphone, a tablet, they are tools and tools only work as well as their user operates them.

    An 11 has no ability to consent & therefore can not be blamed.

    The perp should get a sentence that sounds like a zip code.

  • Anonymous 7 months ago

    Do you guys know that there are more victims coming out. The man knows what he is doing, he has done it before. He’s the adult, He’s 21, and she’s 11.
    Yes parents need to be more involved with there child’s daily activities.

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Mom Learns Her 11-Year-Old Daughter Was Raped by Man She Met on Tinder. He Asked Her Not to Go to Police

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