The shocking video of a 10-year-old being tattooed in a living room has sparked outrage online.

Police said the public outcry from the footage shared on Facebook led authorities to investigate the Bellefontaine, Ohio home.

According to WKPO, the boy’s mother reportedly both witnessed and allowed her son to get the body art in what appears to be a family home. The mom was allegedly the person who recorded and shared the video online.

Storm Harrington/Facebook

Investigators have yet to publicly identify the tattoo artist, but as viewers pointed out, the person tattooing the boy did not appear to be wearing gloves.

According to AJC, the tattoo artist is believed to only be 16 years old. He was arrested and charged, as a result.

Others who have seen the video also became concerned for the boy’s wellbeing after they noticed needles lying around.

Storm Harrington/Facebook

Bellefontaine Police Lt. Rick Herring told WSYX:

“The phones have not stopped ringing.

We’ve gotten calls from several different states from people that are concerned for the welfare of this child.”

Authorities became aware of the video Monday night after multiple complaints.

The child in the video can be heard saying, “Okay, that’s good enough,” while pulling away from the artist. The boy, sitting on a woman’s lap, is then told:

“Hey! Look at me. He’s not done.”

Although giving a child a tattoo is not illegal in Ohio with parental consent, commenters felt the boy’s parents needed to be reported to child services.

Storm Harrington Facebook

The user who shared the video wrote:

…He is not old enough to know what he wants or to make any kind of decision like this. You [truly] are a worthless parent for this!!!

Another user said:

I’ve reported these parents, this video to Alternative Response. Not only because I am a mandated [reporter] but because clearly these parents are not able to make sound judgment in regards to their children or themselves.

The aspiring artist was also reported to the health district for practicing inside of a home among other things.

Because the 10-year-old was not under any distress as a result of being tattooed, police were unable to charge or arrest anyone in the case.

In fact, according to police, “the child had actually said he asked for the tattoo.”

No needles or signs of drug abuse were found inside the house at the time of the search.

Child Protective Services and the Logan County prosecutor are investigating the boy’s family and home.

Watch the video:

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