Florida mom Zakeria Ross said her 10-month-old son, Zaheem, was “happy” before he headed off for his first day at Small Miracles Learning Center.

But now, the family is speaking out after they allegedly found him covered in cuts and bruises after his stay at the daycare center, according to WVSN.

Patricia Johnson, the boy’s paternal grandmother, discovered the injuries when she went to check on him in the afternoon. She told the news outlet:

“We walked into the back room. I saw the young lady holding my grandson with a plastic glove with ice on his mouth. So I looked, and I just got so scared and nervous that I just picked him up and took him to Plantation General Hospital.”

Doctors said the boy had injuries to his face and head. Zaheem’s maternal grandmother, Robbie Pierre, said that the boy’s condition left Johnson “hysterical.”

She told Dearly:

“No family should fear this happening especially at a daycare. This madness must stop.”

The daycare center told the family that Zaheem got the injuries when he fell out of a walker, but Pierre said she had doubts about the story. She told WVSN:

“Unless he fell and bounced and fell and bounced and fell and bounced again, there’s no way he could have sustained those types of injuries.”

Small Miracles Learning Center citations during previous inspections cleanliness and training issues but passed an inspection last September.

Lauderhill Police are now investigating after the family reported the incident.

The family also contacted the Florida Department of Children and Families about the 10-month-old’s injuries.

Zaheem’s story is similar to that of a 4-year-old Mississippi boy, who was found with left with his face covered in scratches after a daycare stay, Dearly reported. The daycare that boy was attending was not licensed.

No charges have been filed in the 10-month-old’s case as of yet.

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5 Replies to “Mom Says 10-Month-Old Was ‘Happy’ Before First Day at Daycare. Then He Came Home Covered in Bruises”

  • Alyssa 2 years ago

    Does anyone notice the sign for the daycare? Miracles is spelled wrong. If they can’t even spell their own name, I wouldn’t send my children there.

    • Patricia 2 years ago

      Yes we did after the fact… It probably was an error on the artist behalf..

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    I’m praying for justice for this baby and all family members it’s just not safe anywhere Lord I’m asking u to cover this baby and families????

  • Anna Ostby 2 years ago

    I thank God I could stay home with my kids and my grandchildren before they all started 1st grade , I gave up extras but they were safe and loved , I do realize that sometimes a parent has to work to put food on the table and their kids should be safe at a daycare but for all parents who can stay with their kids please do

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    So wrong i know I worked at a daycare

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