If things go right, you’ll most likely only get married once in your lifetime. That puts a lot of pressure on when and where to pop the big question.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t always work out. From expensive losses to fast-food fails, we’ve listed out some of the worst ideas for proposals:

10. On a Bridge

Nothing says “I want to be together forever” like getting down on one knee and dropping the ring directly into the water below. That’s exactly what happened to one man in Missouri. Sadly, they haven’t found the sparkling diamond ring yet.

9. Near the Ocean

It actually seems best to steer clear of water entirely when proposing to the love of your life. You want them to be swept away by your grand gesture of romance — not by a passing wave.

8. On Reality Television

Though it’s unlikely you’ll ever actually end up on one of television’s many dating shows, it’s probably best to avoid dropping the big question if you do. Out of 34 seasons of arguably the most popular shows from the genre — “The Bachelor” and “The Bachelorette” — just six couples remain together. That’s 18 percent, for those wondering.

7. In Front of a Big Crowd

If you plan to get down on one knee in front of an audience, make sure your partner is going to say yes. Otherwise, you’re in for some very public humiliation.

6. Somewhere a Little TOO Private

On the opposite end the spectrum, make sure you choose a place that still makes for a good photo op.

5. Using Balloons

Unless you want your hopes and dreams — and diamond ring — to float away, don’t use balloons for your proposal. In 2008, a British man learned that the hard way when a gust of wind blew away a balloon in which his $12,000 ring was hidden.

hannahbananale24/Flickr CC

4. At a Funeral

Just because you’re dressed up doesn’t mean it’s a good time to pop the question. Twitter users seem to agree: Mourning the loss of another person’s life isn’t a good place to try to start yours.

3. In Your Favorite Food

There are a couple of ways sticking a ring in your partner’s food could go seriously wrong. If they don’t choke on it, they might be a little grossed out. That’s what happened when one man asked his girlfriend to marry him at the McDonald’s where they went on their first date. Hint: they aren’t engaged now.

2. By Getting a Surprise Tattoo

Marriage is supposed to last forever, but your proposal probably shouldn’t. That didn’t matter for one couple who got engaged earlier this year after the man made a daring choice to tattoo the big question on his leg. Imagine if she said no?

Vinny Capaldo-Smith/Instagram

1. At Somebody Else’s Wedding

Proposing at friends’ weddings seems to be a new trend, and sometimes it works out beautifully. However, it’s a controversial move. Without permission from the bride, you can get slammed for stealing the spotlight.

There you have it.

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