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Prince William Calls Trying to Do Princess Charlotte’s Hair a ‘Nightmare,’ But He Nailed One Style

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Prince William bonded with a fellow dad this week over a common struggle — doing little girls’ hair.

The prince and Duchess Kate Middleton visited Blackpool to meet with Dads 4 Life, an organization that helps support and teach fathers, according to Us Weekly.

One of the fathers in the group lamented that he had to watch YouTube tutorials to learn how to do hair after having a daughter, and Prince William could relate.

He’s had the same problem trying to style 3-year-old Princess Charlotte’s hair.

Prince William told the dad:

“Never try to do a ponytail! Nightmare.”

His wife, Duchess Kate, chimed in:

“Have you tried to do a plait [braid]? It’s the weaving…really hard.”

To which the prince responded:

 “I can do [Princess Charlotte’s] ponytail, but that’s about it as I don’t have enough hair to practice on!”

Thankfully, the father can likely get some help with his hairstyling skills from his royal staff. Or perhaps he’ll even look up some YouTube tutorials like the other father suggested.

For now, it seems Princess Charlotte will have to be content with getting only one hairstyle from her dad.

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