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Young Husband Convinced Wife Her Stomach Pains Were Kidney Stones Until She Gave Birth to a Baby Girl


A young couple from Louisianna got the surprise of a lifetime when they went to the hospital for kidney stones and ended up becoming parents.

As KSLA reports, Grace Mawn and her husband, Airman Bryson Mawn, were out to dinner with some friends when Grace started experiencing some intense stomach pains.

On her way to the hospital, Bryson tried to reassure his wife that what she was feeling was “probably kidney stones”:

“I was like, ‘Okay, you probably have kidney stones you’re going to be fine.'”

Grace disagreed, telling KSLA:

“I knew when I felt something down there and it wasn’t a kidney stone.”

However, she certainly had no idea that what she was feeling “down there” was actually a baby girl.


Soon after arriving at the hospital, Grace gave birth and their family of two became a family of three. Grace told KSLA that she had no symptoms over the last few months that would have allowed her to realize she was pregnant:

“They said ‘it’s a girl’ and she starts crying and the moment I heard that cry I was like ‘how is she alive? what is going on? So many questions so many scenarios going through my head what’s going to happen.”

According to Bryson, she even “passed” a pregnancy test in January. Grace added:

“I never felt her move during the pregnancy. I never had cravings, I never had morning sickness. Looking back now I did put on a little bit of weight, but it wasn’t noticeable weight, so I didn’t ever think about it. I had my normal cycle some months were a little lighter, but I just thought it was a pill that I was on so I never thought anything about it.”

A GoFundMe has since been set up for them after welcoming their little girl, who they named Micaela, two weeks ago.

As the new parents explained, Micaela means “a gift from God.”

The donated money is to help the young couple get all they need for their new bundle of joy as quickly as possible.

My beautiful baby girl just started feeding off a bottle and is doing so well!! We are so proud of you Micaela and can’t wait to bring you to your new home

Posted by Bryson Mawn on Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Bryson wrote in the GoFundMe description:

On the early morning of March 26, 2019 at 3:03 am, our lives drastically changed with no warning. The night before this scary yet beautiful event my wife, Grace, was experiencing extreme abdominal pain that we confused as a possible kidney stone passing. While waiting for hours in the ER we never would of believed what we were about to go through. After being assigned a room the doctor and nurse couldn’t figure out the reason for the pain. The doctor then  requested for Grace to lay on her back for a ladies exam. The second she laid down her water broke. With utter confusion I sat there trying to be the most supportive husband I could. Seconds later half a dozen doctors flooded into the room. It was go time and everyone but myself and Grace knew what to do. They moved us into an operating room so Micaela Grace Mawn could enter the world safety. As I sat there witnessing all of this, my 20 year old self became confused, scared, and emotional. My little girl snuck her way into this world without either of us knowing at all! Grace has had her normal monthly cycle, has not gained any noticeable weight, and passed a pregnancy test back in January when she went on birth control. My wife and I were thrusted into parenthood in one night with no warning or preparation.

Dr. Shabieh Manzar admitted that this wasn’t the first time a woman has come into their hospital and gave birth unexpectedly.

It’s happened “many times,” he said:

“…This is not the only case we’ve seen it many times. Sometimes you ignore the symptoms sound and you think it’s because of something and it could happen, but the good part is good she was at the right place at the right time.”

Micaela, who was premature, is still in the NICU getting stronger every day. And although they weren’t exactly prepared for her arrival, Grace told KSLA that “whenever I look at her I’m just like how the heck did that happen.”

She added, “But I’m super grateful and I love her to death. I’m happy.”

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