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Actress Emilie De Ravin Says Having Home Birth Meant Allowing Her Body to Feel Everything – that’s How She Wanted It

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Former “Once Upon a Time” actress Emilie de Ravin opened up about why she chose to go through with a home birth for her second child.

According to People, Ravin, 37, compared her experience of giving birth in a hospital to delivering at home during “Dr. Berlin’s Informed Pregnancy Podcast” this week.

Ravin said that when she gave birth to her daughter, Vera Audrey, who’s now 3, in the hospital, she experienced severe back pain.

The Australian actress said:

“It was a vaginal birth. It was all fine. I got out of the hospital as soon as they could let me escape from the room and Vera was fine. I was fine.”

Ravin pointed out that “it wasn’t my idea of my perfect birth,” but she was grateful everyone was okay.

As a result, the actress made sure to deliver her second child at home. Ravin gave birth to Theodore “Theo” Kubrick, who is now 3 months old, “off the side of the bed” in December 2018.

Her husband helped her with the delivery after she spent some time in a birthing tub.

She recalled:

“It felt like I was pushing for so long. Actual [productivity]. Him coming out was, apart from obvious pain, it was a really cool experience. It was … the main part of why I didn’t want to ever be medicated if I [could] help it. With Vera too, which I had to be.”

For Ravin, it was important for her to have the full labor experience.

She said:

“It was so nice to be able to just feel what your body is doing and what it can do and going through it with him, even though I know I was going through it with [Vera]. Just being able to have … the physical and emotional connection at the same time. As opposed to just looking in a mirror, like I was with her.”

The mother of two expressed fascination with the ability of the female anatomy, People reports.

Ravin said:

“It’s insane and then you look at pictures and you’re like, ‘How can your vagina do that?’ I didn’t tear with my daughter either, at all, and I didn’t tear with him. But how? It’s still fascinating to me. It really is.”

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