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Baby Boy Was Found Dead in Field From Exposure 38 Years Ago. His Mom Has Just Been Arrested

Sioux Falls Police Department

South Dakota mom Theresa Bentaas was just 19 years old in 1981 when she allegedly abandoned her newborn baby boy in a Sioux Falls cornfield.

The baby, named Andrew by police, was later found wrapped up in a blanket with tears frozen on his face, according to the Argus Leader.

He had died from exposure with the placenta still attached. Decades later, Bentaas has now been arrested.

Sioux Falls Police Department

The mother was identified after police submitted the baby’s DNA to try to find a possible link in a public genealogical database, similar to the one used to catch the Golden State Killer.

When authorities got a likely match, they built out a family tree and were eventually led to Bentaas, according to People. Her current husband was also determined to be the baby’s father.

Police interviewed the couple on February 27, which would have been the child’s 38th birthday had he lived.

The mom, who has had two more children with her husband, said she was “young and stupid” when she decided to leave her son in a ditch.

Bentaas said she had the baby alone in her apartment because she didn’t want anyone to know she was pregnant — including her now-husband.

They weren’t married when the baby was born, and he was allegedly unaware that she had the child, according to the Argus Leader.

Sioux Falls Police Departments

She is still living close to the area where the infant was found. Bentaas said she was “in denial” about what she’d done after seeing news reports about her son.

The mom has now been arrested and charged with first-degree murder, second-degree murder, and first-degree manslaughter.

She is being held on $250,000 bond and has not yet entered a plea.

Her husband is not facing charges, as he was allegedly unaware the crime took place.

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    • Give it up, not all Democrats believe in abortion nor would vote for that. And No, i am neither a Republican nor Democrat, I believe in voting for the right person for the job,

    • Kind of raciest if I must say. That is like saying all black people are bad, Or all English people are bad. I am sure this is not the case. I am positive back in the early 80s we didnt have such politic weirdness. Plus politics has nothing to do with her doing what she did.

    • Sorry but I agree with Duane, although I wouldn’t have phrased it quite like that. To those who are outraged: I guess this is your party so if you are outraged CHANGE IT!

  1. Thirty years ago, it was the late 1980s, early 1990s, and I believe there were services available for an unwed woman who found themselves pregnant. How did she manage to hide the pregnancy from her boyfriend? Let’s face the facts, she got pregnant because she and the guy used no birth control whatsoever, not even a condom and she panicked after she gave birth. That must be some really rural area for her to have left child in the cornfield, knowingly.

  2. Ya’ll r some heartless ppl….I guess repressive social structures only matter if it’s you in trouble, everyone else “should have known better”. I guess being young and a woman in the early 80s in a rual community was super easy and no one cared about your drama…/sarcasm

  3. She treated the baby like mean person who hates animals would. All she cared about was her self. Not thinking about how this infant wanted to live. Her life will be judged at her death. That is the one no no that no one can do. We haven o right to take someones life. That is the makers time not anyone else. such cruelness, and so ungodly. It is happening everyday still

  4. I can’t imagine taking the life of a baby or causing the death of a baby. That’s horrific, but I can imagine the fear this single, unwed young woman had at the time. It was such a huge shame when I was young and covered up by many families by sending the girls away to stay with an aunt for awhile while the baby is put up for adoption.

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