Last week, Jessie James Decker shared a photo of her breastfeeding her youngest son, Forrest, while drinking a glass of wine.

And it started a heated debate. 


Cheers bitches

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While some didn't see anything wrong with Decker drinking a single glass of wine as she breastfed her son, many thought it was “so stupid” of Decker to “do that to her baby.”

As Dearly previously reported, Chicago-based nurse and International Board Certified Lactation Consultant, Elizabeth Sjoblom told People that current research states that one to two drinks, occasionally, is not harmful for a nursing baby. 


Almost all smiles at dinner... #meanmugginBubby 😂

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However, breastfeeding mothers should consider the “pump and dump” technique.

Following the backlash, the singer opened up about how she handled the ridicule she received on Instagram. Decker told People that she's not “too concerned” with what other people have to say.



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She added that the glass of champagne was also celebratory, not because she made it through yet another week as a mom of three, but because her husband, NFL wide receiver, Eric Decker, just signed a contract with the New England Patriots. She said:

“I wasn’t too concerned about the Instagram backlash. I know I’m a great mother and having a small glass of champagne to toast my husband’s signing to the New England Patriots was just fine. And according to my doctor, it was just fine as well. People are too hard on mamas these days. Free the boob and enjoy a glass of wine. It’s all good.”

Well you heard it from the experienced mom herself: “It's all good.”