It's been four months since “Fuller House” star John Stamos, and model Caitlin McHugh, 32, welcomed their son William Christopher Stamos to the world. 

Now, the model mom is ready to get back to work. 

McHugh confirmed last month that she's returning to her modeling career after “a long hiatus.” 

And on Wednesday, she gave fans a behind the scenes look at a bikini photoshoot. But some of her followers weren't happy with the new mom.

She posted a video of herself dancing in a red bathing suit, which briefly showed a tattoo on her thigh. It was captioned “Back to work.”

Caitlin McHugh/Instagram

McHugh was quickly mom-shamed for posting the video. 

In a now-deleted post, the model shared a screenshot of a conversation she had with one critic, according to People.

Caitlin McHugh/Instagram

One Instagram user wrote to the mom:

You're a Mother now. Gross, tattoo and all.

But she didn't let the harsh words keep her down. Instead, she clapped back at the mom-shamer. McHugh wrote:

Not as gross as trolling.

Her husband, who had also shared bikini shots of the model that day, showed his support on Twitter. 

Stamos shared a link to a story about her response and commented, “OUCH!”

The happy couple welcomed their son on April 10, and McHugh said Stamos has been the perfect father. She said:

“He used to say he's not going to change any diapers … and he's changed so many diapers! He totally doesn't mind it. It's beautiful seeing [John] with Billy. It all feels so right. It feels like this is the way it should've always been.”

It seems that regardless of how much criticism she gets, McHugh will always have a supportive husband by her side to help her get through it.