A Yacolt, Washington mom said her 16-year-old daughter could have died this week after a friend pushed her off a three-story high bridge.

As KATU reports, the shove was caught on camera, and it appears as though the majority of the group was jumping off the Moulton Falls Bridge for fun. However, when it came to the 16-year-old's turn, she appeared to be nervous to take the leap.

It was her first time at the location.

The video captured a friend counting down from three. The 16-year-old replied, “No, I won't go,” before a male voice interrupted the counter to say, “Well, she is saying no.”

Another voice said, “Ready,” and that's when the friend pushed the teen off the 60-foot bridge.

The teen's mom, Genelle Holgerson, told KATU that her daughter remains in the hospital with five broken ribs, a punctured lung, air-bubbles in her chest, and large bruises all over her body.

Holgerson said her daughter still doesn't want to know the extent of her injuries:

“Recovery is going to be slow with her ribs and her chest, so we are still at the hospital and I don't see any hopes of leaving today anyway. I was told that this was over 60-feet. Doctors have told me that at half that, it's just the way you fall. If she would have fell a different way, she could have broke her neck, become paralyzed, they say they see that a lot where she could have died.”

The friend who pushed the teen off the bridge has been identified, but the identity has not been made public. Holgerson believes that the friend needs to realize what she did was wrong and turn herself in to police:

“I think that she should probably just turn herself in, realize what she did wrong. This is not okay. She could have killed my daughter.”

The teen said she is just focusing on recovering and getting rid of the pain she is currently in. She told KGW that someone who was with the group swam out to grab her out of the water.

She added that she may have blacked out on the way down:

“In midair I think I might’ve blacked out. I was awake and aware when I hit the water.”

According to authorities, it is illegal to jump off the bridge.

Clark County Fire Chief Ben Peeler explained:

"You’ve got to land in there just right or you can get hurt. Every summer we have a couple of people out there who get hurt, and people do drown.” 

The teen said the friend who pushed her has since apologized for her actions, but as she told KGW, sorry just doesn't cut it.