Every detail of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's wedding has been discussed, dissected, and at times, ridiculed.

And though many praised Markle for the simplicity of her dress and makeup, some argued that she was too plain for such a high profile day.



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However, Prince Harry didn't think so. 

Markle's makeup artist explained why he decided to go for the “natural” look on the big day.

The artist and a longtime friend of Markle's, Daniel Martin, told InStyle:

“The last thing you want [is] to look at your wedding pictures and go, 'Remember when highlighting was the rage?' At the end of the day, you want to look like your best self.”

Martin and Markle had worked together for so long that he knew exactly what the Duchess was going for.

And Harry approved. He melted hearts all over the world when he was captured telling his bride that she looked “amazing”:

And Prince Harry showed his appreciation to Martin for his work as well. Martin said:

“I know exactly what she does and doesn’t like. After the ceremony Harry kept saying thank you. He was thanking me for making her look like herself.”

According to Glamour, following the debut of Markle's natural look, the Pinterest search for “freckle-friendly makeup” went up 117 percent.