When Mike Ogden saw what had been recorded on his security camera, he knew he had to report it.

According to CBS Los Angeles, last week, the security cameras outside the Ogden home in Riverside, California caught a nasty confrontation. One of Ogden's neighbors was fighting with his girlfriend ... and using their toddler son as a physical weapon.

Screenshot/CBS Los Angeles

The Press-Enterprise reports that the man in the video is 27-year-old Techhoak Danny Lim and the woman is his girlfriend. The two share a child together and on the day of the argument, it was Lim's visitation day with the baby.

Though police don't know the reason for the argument between Lim and his girlfriend, they do know that she visited his home in the gated community and then attempted to leave. That's when Lim chased after her. Riverside Detective Jerilynn Czobakowski told the Press-Enterprise:

“They continued the argument outside. The video shows him hitting her with the baby like a baseball bat.”

In the video, the father picks up the 18-month-old child and swings the toddler around wildly. He is clearly trying to hit his girlfriend while using her own son as a club.

Elsewhere on the video, Lim can be seen dropping the child, who then runs after him.

Alerted by the sound of the fight, Ogden checked his surveillance video and reported it to authorities. Lim was arrested hours later for child endangerment and misdemeanor domestic violence.

Ogden's wife also posted the video to Facebook, prompting the public to follow up with additional calls to the Riverside police. One neighbor told CBS Los Angeles that it was disgusting to see the man he's spoken to many times before display such violence:

“To see the baby get up and still run to Dad 'cause they're innocent ... that's just horrible.”

Authorities took the toddler to the hospital, where he was treated for cuts and bruises. He is now in his mother's custody. Lim was released the day after his arrest after posting $50,000 bail.

Czobakowski told KABC News that the video was deeply disturbing to her and her colleagues:

“I mean it catches your breath. It takes your breath away, and then there's anger, and then as a mother, it gets you upset. It makes you angry, you get emotional, and so that's kind of the reaction that I had, and I'm sure the officers at the scene had.”