Actress and mother of five Tori Spelling welcomed her youngest child, 15-month-old Beau, last year. 

As Dearly previously reported, the mom called her son a “pillar of the rebirth” for her relationship with husband Dean McDermott amid rumors of infidelity.

Spelling said Beau was the first child they raised in a “communicative way,” so it's no surprise that the 45-year-old is extra protective over her little one. 

Now, she's furious with the Four Seasons hotel after Beau was “stabbed” during one of the family's recent stays.

Spelling took to Instagram on Tuesday to vent her frustrations, where she claimed her son was stabbed by exposed nails while playing at the hotel.

She wrote on her Instagram story that hotel staff didn't do much to help the 15-month-old:

We are a @fourseasons family like even before my 1st was born (who’s 11) and bc of a house situation we are of course staying with them. But in the kids arcade room my 15 month old got stabbed by 4 exposed nails that shouldn’t have been there and all that was done was “Is he ok?””

She said they only made an “obligatory check in" when "they realized who’s [sic] child it happened too.”


Mamas, did you think you had it all down? . Well after 4 babies I thought I did too. But then came Beau ;) The sweetest happiest little man till his little tummy rejected all milk including my own as he grew. . I literally had tried all formulas and Beau was frustrated and I was heartbroken watching him go thru this... . Then, I found Kabrita! . Now, he’s happily drinking their toddler formula. When he finally drank this amazing goat milk formula and then smiled it was pure happiness for this mama of 5! And, we’ve never looked back. . I’m so excited to share our formula of choice with you all... Try a FREE 14oz tin of @hellokabrita using my link for the next 48 hours... #kabrita #kabritakid #HappyBabeHappyMom

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The mom said that she doesn't often complain on social media, but this was an exception: 

So wrong on many levels. And I never call anything out! Not my style. But, not cool @fourseasons!

A spokesperson for the Four Season's told People that they communicated with Spelling about the incident: 

At Four Seasons the well-being of our guests is our top priority. The team was in touch with Ms. Spelling throughout her stay. Out of respect for the privacy of our guests we do not share information about our guests or their time with us.

It's unclear who was supervising the infant when the injury occurred, or if the hotel has since apologized to Spelling.