Mom of two Kelsey Hamilton claims she was told to cover up or leave while breastfeeding her youngest child at Silverlake Water Park in Erlanger, Kentucky.

Hamilton told Fox 19 that she was in a quiet area of the kiddie pool section when a staff member approached her.

The breast-feeding mother told the news station:

"I was hurt but I was stunned because I'm thinking we live in 2018 and I can't believe I'm being told this right now...I felt like I was specifically sought out because I felt like I was in a discreet location. We were under our umbrella by a table and they came up and found me.”

The mother told Fox 19 that she refuses to breastfeed in bathrooms:

“Would you want to eat in a bathroom? Because I know I wouldn't want to eat in a bathroom. I'm not going to put her underneath a blanket because it's only going to make her more hot.”

Hamilton made sure to talk to the water park's management, who ended up apologizing for the miscommunication and said that she could continue to breastfeed near the pool.

She went on to tell Fox 19 that she thinks breastfeeding should be normalized.

Although none of the water park's management have commented on the incident, a concerned mom who saw the whole altercation wrote a letter to Tim Geraci, the park's executive director, about breastfeeding at the park. 

Geraci replied to the letter with an email saying that it was a misunderstanding and that his staff member went back and apologized to Hamilton.

According to Fox 19m he also added in the email:

To make a long story short, we do not have a rule regarding breastfeeding. The only thing that we do ask, is that mothers are aware that we do have a lot of children, teenagers etc. in the area and that they cover up or find a spot under the patio. A private spot etc. so that it is not an uncomfortable situation for everyone.

According to the Businesswire, younger moms ranging from 18-25 years old are not that concerned with breastfeeding in public.

On the other hand, moms from 36 years old and up claim public breastfeeding if their biggest concern.