People can't stop talking about Mama June Shannon's weight gain, as Dearly previously reported.

However, many fans are unaware of her other health issues.


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Ahead of the Friday premiere of “Mama June: Not to Hot,” June revealed in an interview that she fears going blind.

She told Entertainment Tonight, she's been battling partial vision loss since before reality TV, and there's a possibility that she may lose her sight altogether. June explained: 

“I will never get any vision back in the right eye. [And] the left eye, it's no guarantee.”

The 38-year-old sat down with her daughter Alana “Honey Boo Boo” Thompson to reflect on the impact her disability has had on the family. Alana said:

“I have graduation and, like, so many things coming up and there is possibility that she won't be able to see me walk across the stage.”

June added:

“When Jessica graduated college back in May, I wasn't able to see that. It's emotional for me just thinking about it.”


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June explained that her vision has become progressively worse due to childhood cataracts that had not been treated properly. 

The “Not to Hot” star also revealed that, as a grandmother to daughter Lauryn “Pumpkin” Shannon's baby, she gets choked up when she thinks about missing her grandchild's milestones. 

Currently, she can only see a shadow of her granddaughter, Ella Grace Efird, and it makes her really upset.  

On the first season of “Hot to Not,” June underwent emergency eye surgery to reattach her retina.

At the time she also expressed concern about losing her sight. 

According to Vision Loss Resources, there is a one in four chance of developing vision loss, which increases over the age of 65.

Medical professionals advise those suffering with vision impairment to seek medical care when blurred vision changes your routine and daily activities.