Actress Alicia Silverstone rose to fame in 1995 thanks to her leading role in the teen film, “Clueless.”

Now she says her 7-year-old son, Bear Blu Jarecki, is also a big fan after watching the throwback movie with her at an outdoor screening, E! News reports.

The 41-year-old told host Stephen Colbert on the “Late Show”:

“I took him to see it because it’s at the L.A. cemetery where they show it for 4,000 people. There were 4,000 people and this huge screen outdoors at night, in a cemetery, very romantic, and there were pillows and rosé.”

But Bear had an unexpected reaction after watching the 90's hit.

Silverstone said: 

“The one thing he took away from it, aside from all the things I was worried about, was he kept trying to French kiss me afterwards, which was very sweet."

The statement drew an audible gasp from the audience. Colbert replied:

“And you said, ‘That is not appropriate?’”

Silverstone said she responded by shutting her mouth, instead of telling him to stop, “I just kept my mouth closed! That’s what I did. And I just giggled. It’s super sweet.”

The mom wrapped up the story by saying: 

“It’s fine, he’s not doing it anymore. That’s what his takeaway was.”

Colbert wasn't the only one who seemed a bit uncomfortable about the story. Many social media users said that it was a bit unusual of Silverstone to bring up. 


Bear and I on our Hawaiian adventure. My sweet sweet love 💕

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One YouTube commenter said

No one's going to talk about the super creepy story about her kid trying to french kiss her, and her thinking it was cute and sweet, and not doing anything about it? Um... Just me?

Another wrote: 

How much wine did the kid have before he made a move on his mom on this “romantic” evening? It was sweet eh...hmmm.

Silverstone hasn't responded publicly to any of the criticism.