A Utah family, who wishes to remain anonymous, said they got a nightmarish surprise when they checked their baby cam on Monday morning. 

The father told KSTU that he decided to check the video footage taken in their bedroom after finding a door open when they woke up in the morning. He said: 

“Our sliding door to our bedroom was halfway open. Certain things in my mind kind of triggered a red flag.”

The couple was horrified when the tape revealed an unknown man spent part of the night walking around their home.

The wife said:

“It terrifies me. I really don’t know how to process it.”

According to police, the man wandered around the bedroom and exposed himself to both the mother and child without waking them.

Layton City Police Department wrote:

The baby cam captured footage of him walking around the master bedroom exposing himself and standing next to the bed and crib where a woman and her baby slept.

The family has a two-year-old girl and an eight-month-old boy and were distraught to think about the harm that may have come to them.

The couple said the suspect must have known their garage code because there was no sign of forced entry. He told KTSU:

“That’s what is worrisome to us, that it could potentially be somebody that we know, and this has been happening under our nose.”

They're also concerned that this may not have been the first time the man broke into their home. They just installed the baby cam a month and have no way of knowing if he'd been there before.

Despite there being electronics in plain sight, the man in the video didn't steal anything from the family.

Police are now asking the public to help and identify the suspect, even though his face isn't showing. Police wrote:

The suspect appears to be thin, wearing dark jeans, slip on shoes, a light, possibly multi-colored sweatshirt, a wedding band, and carrying an Iphone with a case showing the Apple symbol through a cutout.

Anyone with information is encouraged to call 801-497-8300 and reference incident number 18-07370.