Paramedics took 90-year-old William Lee — who has stage 5 kidney failure, chronic heart problems, and a lot of difficulty breathing — to Kaiser hospital, in San Jose, California on April 1.

As NBC reports, according to his family, Lee, who will be 91 in July, was scheduled to be released from Kaiser on Thursday, several days after his emergency medical care.

And on Thursday Lee's son James Lee called Kaiser to schedule a visit with his father.

James said:

“I called up the hospital to see how he was doing because I was going to come visit him.”

Instead James was told Lee had already been cleared, and sent to the home care facility listed as his address. Apparently, Kaiser discharged the 90-year-old without letting his family know.

Lee was sent home in a taxicab wearing nothing but a hospital gown and socks. His daughter Dawn Ross told the news station that her father's caretakers were stunned when he showed up alone in a cab. So they took a picture:

Ross said her dad was shaken by his experience, and should not have been sent home alone in his condition:

“When I got here, the boarding care people told me that he had arrived there in a taxicab. He has Level 5 kidney failure and also chronic heart problems, and his lungs were full of fluid.”

She added:

“He was having a lot of difficulty breathing and was clearly in distress.”

Lee's family want answers.

In a statement released by Kaiser Permanente in San Jose, senior vice president and area manager said:

“What occurred is a clear violation of our policies and should not have happened.”

As NBC reports, Kaiser apologized for the incident, yet it's still unclear who failed to notify\ Lee's family before the discharge.

Ross said:

“He's literally going to be passing at any time now, and a week ago, they shoved him in a taxicab and sent him home with no one.”

Kaiser did not comment on specifics of the case.