Utah couple Jared and Jessica Gale have been married for 13 years, but have never been able to conceive a child together.

According to People, Jared has a genetic condition called Kallmann syndrome that leads to low sperm count.

And it's made it difficult for the loving couple have their own bundle of joy.

Jared & Jess/Instagram

Jessica explained:

“Being married for 13 years, not being able to have a baby, it’s a struggle. All of your friends are having kids, and then they stop having kids, and you’re still not even out of the gate."

The couple started a GoFundMe to help raise money for in vitro fertilization treatments, but their campaign didn't pick up much traction, Jessica said.

That's when she decided to do something a little flashier in order to catch peoples' attention.

In late February, the hopeful 34-year-old decided she'd start panhandling on the side of the road with a sign that read “NEED HELP 4 INVITRO" to help earn money for her cause.

She's since taken to the streets multiple times to collect money and even documented the experience on her YouTube channel.

Panhandling for the first time wasn't easy. Jessica recalled:

“My heart started racing and my hands started getting clammy, and I’m just like, ‘Am I really going to do this? Am I embarrassed?’"

But she quickly remembered who she was there for — her future children.

She told People:

“I’m asking myself all of these questions, and I’m just thinking of my children, imagining what they’re going to be like and what kind of family life we’re going to have. It is bigger than me, it’s for them.”

Jessica said in her video blog that she often receives words of encouragement from those who give her money while she's panhandling, and once even got a job offer.

And her nerve-wracking decision seems to have paid off in the end. The couple have since raised more than $11,000 on their YouCaring page.

Jessica said if they reach their $14,500 goal then she'll shave her hair off and donate it charity.

For now, they continue to wait for the day they can make their dream of having “Baby Gale” a reality.