“Counting On” fans were thrilled last month when Joy-Anna Duggar announced the birth of her first child with husband Austin Forsyth.

According to earlier reports, the proud parents welcomed their healthy baby boy, Gideon Martyn Forsyth, at 3:39 p.m.

He weighed in at a whopping 10 pounds, 3 ounces — which could explain why the new mom wasn't able to go through with her plan to have a traditional home birth.


According to People, Joy-Anna ultimately gave birth to her baby boy in the hospital, though the couple haven't given details as to why.

The new mom previously stated that she had home birth plans, which seems to be the preferred method by the Duggar family.

She told TLC:

“We got the birth pool set up. We got our house somewhat cleaned out and trying to finish a lot of the bigger projects before the baby arrives... I think now we just need to fill up the pool and hopefully set up some beds in the guest bedroom and we'll be good to go.”

But Joy-Anna was prepared in case anything went wrong. She said “if something doesn’t go as planned” then she would “be okay with that, and have another plan.”

And it seems that other plan was heading to the hospital.

Joy-Anna's cousin Amy Rachelle King posted a photo of the mother cuddling little Gideon in what appeared to be a hospital bed — but the image didn't stay up for long.

Amy Rochelle King/Instagram

According to Romper, King deleted the photo a day after posting it after fans started criticizing the new mom for not going through with her home birth.

A short time after removing the photo, King made her entire Instagram account private.

It remains unclear why Joy-Anna couldn't go through with her original birth plan, but she's not the first Duggar daughter to change plans last minute.

Jessa Duggar was rushed to the hospital during the birth of her first son, Spurgeon, due to complications, the Daily Mail reported.

Regardless of why Joy-Anna went to the hospital, the image makes it clear she's enjoying this time with her new bundle of joy.