Getting little kids to settle down for a few seconds is not easy and at a recent family gathering, Australian Bree Tomasel had an idea to get two of the tiniest attendees to stand still.

Tomasel shared a video of her “babysitting hack” on Facebook, in which she enticed the children to a game of holding an AUS$5 bill against a wall—without using their hands. Tomasel instructed the kids to use their foreheads instead.

“The first person to touch it with your hands or to drop it, doesn’t win the money. Don’t move, because whoever keeps it there the longest wins the $5 note," Tomasel told her eager participants.

Ten minutes later, the children still had their foreheads pressed against the wall.


Tomasel asked the little girl if her head was getting sore which she replied “no” before saying “yes.” Tomasel eventually declared both children winners and allowed them each to keep the $5.

In an interview with the Daily Mail Australia, Tomasel revealed she was accused of child abuse for the stunt:

"The reaction [on my page] was amazing, a lot of comments from parents and people saying that it was genius.

After being posted to other third party pages I've copped a bit of flack saying that it was child abuse and harmful to the kids which I think is actually disrespectful to people who have actually been through something horrible."

As the Daily Mail Australia reports, Tomasel is a popular social media star known for producing funny videos for entertainment. As she continued:

"I think people these days look for something to be upset about and the internet can be a dark place.

But I'm just looking to create a bit of light and laughter in this dark world we live in today."

Tomasel clarified she wasn't actually in charge of babysitting the children during the family dinner and filmed the video to be funny:

“It was at a Christmas dinner and it was a joke. I think anyone who knew the entire context of the video would see that.”

She added: “The kids were faced on the wall for about 10 minutes — not very long and they were supervised the entire time.”