On January 4, a concerned citizen reported the family of Aaron Weddles, 41, and Princess Walker, 32, missing.

According to KOVR, the parents, along with their five children, were possibly living out of their car. On January 9, Stockton, California, police saw the family's car and pulled them over where they found Weddles, Walker, and three of their children.

The couple's one-year-old twins, Setina and Ren, were reportedly nowhere to be found. Authorities are now in a frantic search to find them.

According to police, Weddles and Walker are not cooperating with authorities.

Stockton Police Chief Eric Jones said: “These parents are being uncooperative and giving us conflicting statements,” reports Sacramento's KTXL. Jones said authorities are working to “retrace” the parents' steps.

Two days after they went missing, the couple was reportedly spotted a local fast-food chain. Laura Salazar, a security guard at In-N-Out in Stockton, told KTXL she had a strange encounter with Weddles and Walker after they were reported missing:

“Princess. I shook her hand when she walked off.”

She added:

“Like [Weddles] was trying to hide his face. Like, paranoid, [Walker] was saying people are evil, and people do evil things.”

Salazar explained Walker told her the couple was living in their car and Weddles had gotten mad at her and made her eat outside. Salazar said she walked to the car to make sure everything was okay and didn't see any children.

As she told KTXL:

“It broke my heart when I read the post, because I could have done something, you know.”

The three children later found with Weddles and Walker have been placed in protective custody. Their parents are currently being held in the San Joaquin County Jail on charges of child endangerment.

Anyone with information about the missing twins is urged to call (209) 937-8323 or, if after hours, (209) 937-7911.

The missing toddlers are described as 21 months old of African American and Cambodian descent.

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