Texas parents Crystal Long and Joshua Wilkinson were heartbroken last week after learning that their 22-year-old son had passed away from a heroin overdose outside a local middle school.

Their son, Ricky, had battled with depression and drug use since he was just 12 years old, according to earlier reports. His father said:

“This is just like a nightmare. I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy.”

Police have now arrested the drug dealer they believe to be responsible for Ricky's death, and it turns out the 22-year-old wasn't the only one allegedly killed by the dealer's deadly heroin.

According to KTXS, 36-year-old Michael Deon Thompson distributed the dangerous heroin to at least four people, including Ricky, late last week.

Shockingly, three of those people died within 11 hours of one another, according to the Abilene Police Department.

In addition to Ricky, a 52-year-old man and 56-year-old woman, who were dating, also died. A fourth person was taken to the hospital in life-threatening condition, but survived, the Abilene Police Department said in a statement.

The statement continued that there “was no readily apparent cause of death, which typically indicates some type of overdose.”

Lt. Craig Jordan of the Abilene Police Department's Special Operations Division said that it's possible the heroin was so lethal because it was laced with something else. He told KTXS::

“It could have been a more potent heroin or it could have been laced with something that could have been a deadly combination, but until we get the analysis back from the lab, we won't know for sure."

Abilene Police Department

KTXS reported that police arrested Thompson on Wednesday, shortly after he attempted to flee the authorities on foot. Ricky's mother told the TV station that she is relieved by Thompson's capture:

“I'm thankful no other parent has to go through this again.”

Local authorities warned other Abilene residents not to consume any illicit drugs they may have purchased, stressing that their “life could be at immediate risk.”

Thompson is currently being held on $150,000 bond. Watch KTXS's coverage below: