On Monday, Holly Main got a phone call from her husband at work.

Her husband, Jeremy Main, 38, called Holly to tell her that their 17-month-old daughter Mackenzie was dead and that he had killed her.

Holly immediately called the police who dispatched deputies to her home. The Orlando Sentinel reported that when they had to “bust the door in,” they found Mackenzie in the bathtub, dead from “apparent drowning.” She was floating face down in bloody water.

A couple of hours later, Main turned himself in at the Sumter County Sheriff's Office in Florida. His wrists were still bleeding from a failed suicide attempt.

Main's mother, Barbara Northcutt, said that her son had “family issues.”

Those family issues came into light when the arrest affidavit reported that his motive was driven by his wife's impending divorce from him. He had told deputies:

“I killed my daughter and failed to kill myself.”

His family members are baffled at the violent turn of events. Main's sister, Marnee Weakley, said that just days ago, she and Jeremy went grocery shopping with Mackenzie and had a “dance off.”

Weakley said Mackenzie made you feel “warm and fuzzy” and she “loved to dance.” She said:

“It doesn’t seem like there’s any other option right now, but it’s not like him … that child was his life. I have no clue, I have no clue… up until now he’s always been my best friend, my hero."

Weakley was unaware of any tension between her brother and his wife. The couple had married in 2015, Holly bringing with her two teenage daughters from a previous marriage. Weakley added:

“I totally never in a million years would guess that he would harm his children,”

The day following the death of her baby, Holly Main updated her Facebook profile to reflect her maiden name — Farrington. She posted the following status to share her grief:

It read, in part:

I can barely talk about whats happened right now. It's just a constant stream of tears and emotions. Thank you in advance for allowing our family time to grieve. I will always love you my sweet forever Baby Makenzie Moira Main.

Main's mother is “devastated” over the loss of her granddaughter. If she was able to see her son now, she'd ask:

“How could you destroy something that loves you 100 percent?”

Main will be “psychologically evaluated shortly.”

First-degree murder carries a possible death sentence in Florida. Prosecutors will soon determine whether to pursue the death penalty.