It was four in the morning on October 6 when 18-year-old Timothy Walding put on a mask and broke into his neighbor's home.

The neighbor, who was asleep in her bed, woke up to Walding standing over her with a knife to her neck. The unknown female screamed when she realized what was happening.

Walding proceeded to tie the woman up and rape her. The mom of two told authorities that she begged Walding to let her live, to which he responded by saying that he wouldn't kill her because he wouldn't want to leave her two children without a mother.

According to the Sun-Sentinel, after the Florida teen was finished assaulting the woman, he gave her some advice:

“You really should deadbolt your door because I didn’t really want to do this, but I had to do it.”

Following the assault, the woman convinced Walding to untie her and let her go outside in order to smoke a cigarette. Walding continued to stick around.

He also continued to converse with the woman he just assaulted, asking if he could “make it up to her” by doing yard work or fixing something around her house, before trying to convince her that it wouldn't be awkward for them to live so close to each other because he was leaving to join the military in a month.

The woman told her abuser that she didn't need his help.

However, the more she talked with him, she started realizing that he was “very young.”

Not long after, the woman guessed the teen's identity before he eventually removed his mask so that she could see his face. Walding then told the woman that he stood outside her home for roughly 10 minutes trying to decide whether he should follow through with his plan.

When the woman asked how he managed to get into her house in the first place, Walding told her that he used a fish hook to pick the lock, the Sun-Sentinel reported:

“Obviously, it wasn’t a spontaneous thing and I had this plan.”

The teen stayed in the woman's house for roughly 90 minutes before she finally got him to leave.

The woman dead-bolted her door, retreated back to her room, and called the authorities. Hours later, according to the Sun-Sentinel, Walding was arrested and now faces burglary, sexual assault, and kidnapping charges.

He has remained in the Palm Beach County Jail since Friday.