Isaak Komisarchik, 82, went missing on July 5.

His daughter told KUSA in Denver that he went to pick up the mail and get a few things from the office when he disappeared. She noted that her father suffered from early onset dementia.

According to The Washington Post, Komisarchik's family and friends posted flyers around the community to search for the beloved grandfather. But he wasn't found until nearly a month later.

On Aug. 2, residents in a nearby apartment complex started complaining about a smell in the garage elevator. When maintenance workers went to inspect the elevator, Komisarchik was found inside.

Denver Police Department

As reported by The Denver Post, Komisarchik was for an unknown reason unable to get out of the elevator car. He pressed the emergency button two times on July 6, but emergency services didn't respond.

The Denver Channel reported that the apartment management company, Greystar Management Services, was notified of the alert. Staff checked the elevators in the apartment building, but not in the garage.

Greystar Management Services wrote in a statement to CNN:

We are saddened by the tragic loss of life and extend our deepest condolences to Mr. Komisarchik's family and friends. The elevator cab where he was found is located in a parking garage that is under renovation construction and not currently in active use. We are continuing to investigate the circumstances surrounding the incident with the local authorities.

Capt. Greg Pixley from the Denver Fire Department told the Denver Channel:

“Something is not right, and police are going to make a determination on what that is.”

The Denver medical examiner told CNN that the investigation is still ongoing. Officers still need to determine the cause and manner of death.