For the past week, the San Antonio Police Department has been mourning the loss of fallen police officer Miguel Moreno.

According to KENS 5, Moreno, 32, and his partner Officer Julio Cavazos, 36, were investigating possible vehicular burglaries on June 29 when they came under fire.

The police officers approached two suspects when one of the men pulled out a gun. Officer Moreno was shot in the head, and Officer Cavazos suffered from a gunshot wound to the torso.

According to KSAT, one of the suspects turned the gun on himself and died at the scene. The other was arrested the following day.

Tragically, Officer Moreno died of his injuries on June 30 at San Antonio Military Medical Center.

Officer Moreno was a nine-year veteran of the San Antonio Police Department.

He went to high school in San Antonio and was a loved member of the community.

His funeral ceremony was attended by hundreds of police officers on July 7, including Officer Cavazos.

Even 20 police officers from Dallas volunteered their time to allow the officers who worked with Moreno to attend the funeral.

News 4 San Antonio reported that Moreno was remembered during the ceremony as a “cop's cop” who was always “quick to tell a joke.”

The packed church blinked back tears as Moreno's brother, Officer Arthur Moreno, gave his eulogy:

“This was the hardest week of my life for me and my family. I never thought in a million years that today would be the day I would be on the stage talking (at) my brother's funeral.”

Then, as News 4 San Antonio reported, when the mourning police officers left the ceremony and returned to their vehicles, they found pieces of paper on their windshields.


Local kids had drawn messages of appreciation to thank the local officers for protecting their community.

Kristi Tarver told KSAT that the messages had come from a church group that wanted to show their support to the local officers:

“It started with prayer to God with [asking] how we can do this. And He led us to doing this.”

The kids were more than happy to help. They made more than three hundred notes for the police officers and left them on their cars during the ceremony.

After a week of remembrance, the notes were colorful notes of encouragement.

As one officer wrote on Facebook, “After a day with heavy hearts it brought a smile and reminded us why we do what we do for this community.”