Women have the power to do anything. Work a full-time job, run a marathon, travel the world, raise children, stain the toilet seat blue... wait, what?

Yup, you read that right.

Women from all over claim that their pregnant bodies have caused their toilet seats to turn blue. Confused mothers-to-be flock to forums, blogs, and Reddit to share in their confusion regarding their newly stained porcelain thrones.


Nurses and doctors are stumped. They have even laughed off their patients' questions. One woman reports:

“My toilet seat is butt shaped and blue. No jeans on today [...] or anything blue. [...] Doesn't come off. Anyhow I thought I'd share since I kinda got sniggered at by telling the nurse over the phone. If you've done it, you're not alone!”

As of now, there is no scientific reason for this toilet discoloration.

However, neither jeans nor blue-colored clothing is to blame. Many have taken their theories to the internet. One woman posted:

“My doctor says she has never heard of it, but either the extra hormones or prenatals could cause a reaction with the plastic.”

Blaming prenatal vitamins may hold some truth. WhatToExpect.com reported that one mother:

[M]entioned it to her doctor, who said it was actually due to the particular brand of prenatal vitamin she was taking. "It made me sick anyway, so I soon switched and it never happened again," [Jeannie] Bruce explains.

Further evidence that vitamins may be the culprit:

Some joke that whether the seat turns blue or pink may be indicative of the future gender of the baby.

No matter the reason, if this has happened to you, know that you are not alone: